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Flanders and Swann online was created and is maintained by Tim Overton as a lasting reminder of the work of Flanders and Swann. Started in 1998 and redesigned in 2000 and again in 2004, the site contains resources related to Flanders and Swann, and is a non-profit site. Webspace is provided by blueyonder. The site is approved by the Estates of Flanders and Swann - many thanks to the Flanders and Swann families for allowing me to operate the site, and to Leon Berger, the Archivist of the Estates.

The Works of Flanders & Swann are copyright material and may not be reproduced or performed without the consent of THE FLANDERS & SWANN ESTATES. All enquiries, large and small, should be directed to the Leon Berger at leonberger@donaldswann.co.uk.


Thanks go to:
Leon Berger, archivist of the Flanders and Swann Estates, for many helpful discussions, unpublished lyrics and much more,
Ilke Vermeer, for much feedback, assistance with the annotations, lyrics and trascriptions,
Judy Harris, for Surly Girls,
Charles Durnam, for Vanessa, Ballad of the Rich and Motor Perpetuo,
Gregory Gross, for Greensleeves and Tried by the Centre Court,
Jolande Hibels, for the Hat scans,
Dennis Ritchie, for the All Gall transcription,
Peter Smith and Yonatan Lehman for corrections,
Jack McCreless for helping with And then we Wrote...,
and everyone who emailed me with comments, queries and suggestions.
I'm amazed at the response I get from fans worldwide. Keep the emails coming.