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At the Drop of a Hat
At the Drop of Another Hat
The Bestiary
Tried by the Centre Court
And Then We Wrote...
Other albums:
The Complete Flanders and Swann
A Transport of Delight
EMI Comedy Classics
More out of the Hat - Again!
A drop of Hilarity
HMV Easy Flanders and Swann collection
Unreleased songs
Solo Work

Alphabetical index

The original Flanders and Swann albums

At the Drop of a Hat: recordings of the first Flanders and Swann show, which ran between 1956 and 1959.

At the Drop of Another Hat: the second live show, which ran from 1960 to 1964.

The Bestiary of Flanders and Swann, a studio album of animal songs recorded in 1964.

Tried by the Centre Court: bits of the 'Hat' shows not released on the first albums, compiled on one album.

And Then we Wrote...: A review of revues, comprising material that Flanders and Swann wrote for pre-Hat revues.

EP recordings released containing excepts from the Hat shows.

Compilation albums

The Complete Flanders and Swann, a 3 CD set issued by EMI comprising material from the first four albums.

Other compilations: A Transport of Delight, EMI Comedy Classics cassettes Hat and Another Hat and More out of the Hat - Again!, A Drop of Hilarity, and the HMV Easy compilation.

Other bits and pieces

Unreleased songs, solo work, and Flanders and Swann performed by Ian Wallace and other artists.

The Videos

The Only Flanders and Swann Video, and the PBS video.