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Of course Gérard de Nerval never really got into the top ten . . . either . . . and that's strange, because I don't know if any of you spotted this, but every single phrase of that song was in a foreign language. Well, we've noticed that songs built around foreign phrases, particularly if they're rather lush waltzes, are almost invariably hits. Well, you think - "Auf Wiedersehen, my dear" , "Arrivederci darling" , "It's my advice to you" - remember that one? And more recently, of course, "Que sera sera" , that charming spot on the Costa Brava. Now we liked the idea of writing a song like this, well, for one thing we feel that it could do nothing but good for the nations of the world to have a greater understanding of each other's languages; then er . . . you had a point somewhere, didn't you?
DS: Oh yes, the money.
MF: Ah yes, the money, too. The trouble from my point of view is that so many of these foreign phrases have been used in songs already. But I think we've found one that hasn't.

Philological Waltz

Oh, it's hard to say:
'Hoolima Kittiluca Cheecheechee'
But in Tonga that means:
If I ever have the money
Is to Tonga I shall go
For each lovely Tongan maiden there
Will gladly make a date
And by the time she's said
'Hoolima Kittiluca Cheecheechee'
It is usaully too late!

I don't think so, really. It's probably safer to stick to the old moon and June formula. We have our own variation on that highly unoriginal theme. We've tried to bring it up to date a bit.

Satellite Moon

It's a satellite moon
It's a plagerised tune
That duck on the lake's a decoy
There's a sodium glare
In the purified air
And the girl in my arms
Is Mabel Figworthy and if she says 'Oh realy' once more I wll break her neck!

We felt that really, on the whole, in this time of crisis and political conflict, what the world needed most was another simple happy chorus song, something which expressed the feelings of all the ordinary people all over the world, and in which everyone could join. We've written one, and it's called "Queee Pop Oh!". It was originally called "Queee Pop Brrrrr". We thought this sounded rather stupid. Do please join in if you wish. A song, we feel, very much for our time.

A Happy Song

When you're feeling kind of blue
And you don't know what to do
When you've got a load of troubles on your mind
If you face them with a smile
It will make your life worthwhile
And you'll find that every cloud is silver-lined
Sing this happy song with me:
Queee Pop Oh!
Just a simple melody
Queee Pop Oh!
Once those skies above are grey
You can face the the world today
If you only learn to say:
Queee Pop Oh!
When your life is filled of cares
Queee Pop Oh!
You will hear it everywhere
Queee Pop Oh!
Though the world may wear a frown,
Here's a way to win renown
Tell them as they strap you down:
Queee Pop Oh!

Originally from the album 'At The Drop of a Hat'.
In the 1959 recording, Donald sings the second chorus in Russian!