Flanders and Swann online email Tim

I love to recieve email - however, please bear in mind that I don't sell and Flanders and Swann CDs, merchandise, books or anything, in fact, so please don't ask me to send you anything!

I get asked two questions more than any others:
What's the song about the French Horn?

This is Ill Wind.

What's the song about the soprano who's tone deaf? Where can I get a recording or music for it?

The song is A Word on My Ear. It is availiable on This album, and the sheet music is avaiable from Novello in a volume called Sarah's Encores. The song is also known as The Wayward Soprano or Tone Deaf.

Also, I don't know where the best place to get CDs, books, records, cassettes and soforth for anywhere outside the UK - my best suggestions are on the availability page. However, if you have any other enquiries, queries or comments, please feel free to email me!