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Album Availability

Following numerous requests, here is all I know about the availability of the Flanders and Swann albums.

Buying new in the UK

At the Drop of a Hat: EMI CDFSB 11 CDP 7974652 CD available c. 10.
Other issues are out of print, and have been for a long time.

At the Drop of Another Hat: EMI CDFSB 12 CDP 7974662 CD available c. 10.
Other issues are out of print.

The Bestiary of Flanders and Swann: EMI CDFSB 13 CDP 7974672 CD available c. 10.
Other issue out of print.

A Transport of Delight: CD or Tape available c. 8.

HMV Easy compilation: Available at HMV stores, c. 6.

EMI Comedy Compilation: Available at most music shops, c. 7.

The Complete Flanders and Swann: Widely available c. 30.

The Songs of Flanders and Swann (book): Fairly widely available from sheet music shops.

Buying new elsewhere

I have no information about the availability of Flanders and Swann recordings apart from in the UK. The best I can suggest is to look at internet sellers (see below).

Buying new on the Internet

Please note: I have not used all of these sites , so offer no opinion on the level of service you get. However, here's what's out there.
The British Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) has:
The Complete Flanders and Swann for 24,
A Transport of Delight for 8, and
At the Drop of a Hat (CDP7974652) for 8.
Postage etc. is variable, depending on location and how quickly you want the recordings.
The American amazon is more expensive, as the discs are British issues, and so import discs in America.

The Flanders and Swann Video
The PBS video is available on VHS tape, NTSC format only (US, Canadian and Japanese VCRs, plus multiformat machines) from Amazon.com for US$17 or from the PBS website.

Buying second-hand

The only way to get the older issues is to buy second-hand. For this, I suggest scouring second-hand shops, or trying an internet auction house - ebay is such a place. Again, I've never used it, so I can't offer any indication on their level of service.

If you know of the availability of F&S material anywhere, please email me and tell me. This page will work well if everyone makes an input. Thanks!