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Pillar To Post

Well, here's a complete song that never got used. Why, escapes me for a moment, It's a love song to a pillar-box. We put it up for all sorts of shows, but never found an actor or actress particularly keen on appearing as a pillar-box. They used to say 'How am I going to do my dance?' Well, I can't do the dance but I'm going to sing it, it's called 'Pillar to post'.

The Traffic Signs are gleaming
They reflect a cheerful light;
The Standard Lamps are bearning
They get lit up every night;
The Fire Alarm is thinking
Of some funny false alarms;
The Police Call-Box is winking
With a Sergeant in her arrns.

Oh, all the street seems happy,
But there's one who's standing by,
A lonely little fellow
Who is trying not to cry;
While all the rest are happy
His courageous heart is not,
And I hear him sadly singing
As a tear runs down his slot:

'Pity the poor little Pillar-Box
Standing in the rain all day,
Tired and weary, weak and shivery,
Waiting for the next delivery.
Nobody cares for the Pillar-Box
Or asks him out to play,
So pity the pretty little Pillar-Box
Standing in the rain all day.'

Listen when you post a letter
And you'll hear a muffled sob,
For he longs for something better
Than a letter down his gob.
it's cruel to dishearten
Little Pillar-Boxes so,
But no one tries to start an

A solitary figure
In a little coat of red,
He always does his duty,
Holding high his weary head.
He never tries to run away
Or bite the Postman's hand
And so I feed him sandwiches
To show I understand.

Pity the poor little Pillar-Box
Standing in the rain all day.
Gazing out in each direction
Hoping for the next collection.
Everyone owes to the Pillar-Box
A debt they can't repay,
So pity the pretty little Pillar-Box ...
Pillar-Box, you're O.K!
Standing in the rain all day.
MF: Very nice. A very effervescent performance, if I may say so. Rather more sherbet than Schubert, but never mind. It's nice to hear them again, isn't it.

Originally from the album 'And The We Wrote...'.