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Jamie and Wordsworth

Every night, when his mum thinks he is asleep, young Jamie and his faithful sheepdog Wordsworth take a trip to the wonderful world of Cuckoo Land, using the power of Jamie's amazing magic torch.

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To nostalgia-ridden twentysomethings like the author of this fine page, Jamie and the Magic Torch ranks right up there with Bod and Fingermouse in the list of all-time greatest young children's series. Teletubbies? Nooooo! Tweenies? I think not. For pure multi-coloured, flavour-enhanced, flared pyjama-wearing shenanigans, Jamie's your man. OK, so the backgrounds were drawn with coloured pencils bought in an Everything's a Pound shop and the budget only stretched to five unique cels per episode. Yet despite their staggering cheapness, Jamie's nightly adventures had a genuinely surreal and whimsical quality that you rarely find in modern big-budget kiddies' shows. Plus, it had one of the best theme songs ever, beloved of students the length and breadth of Britain. All together now, Jay-MEH, Jay-MEH, no two nights are the same...

Episode titles

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Series 1

  1. Mr Boo Loses a Mountain
  2. Nutmeg's House
  3. Let There Be Music
  4. Nutmeg's Box
  5. The Runaway Trombonium
  6. The Hair Stack
  7. Sym-phoney
  8. The Flying Rabbit
  9. The Magician's Hat
  10. The Wicked Wand
  11. The House of Wellibob
  12. National Wellibob Day
  13. Spade-Work

Series 2

  1. Hidden Persuasion
  2. The Dirty Submachine
  3. Yoo-Hoo Yeti
  4. A Marrow Escape
  5. A Policeman's Lot
  6. The Frost World
  7. Help Help
  8. One Cloudy Day
  9. The Downside Upper
  10. Jeepers Creepers
  11. The Unexpected Visitor
  12. Big Magic
  13. Jamie's Birthday Party


  • First off, try TV Cream if you want to download an MP3 of the theme song. It's probably self-evident, but you need to click on "Themes" and then select the F-J category, OK?
  • Your next port of call should probably be WATCHED IT!, for their great selection of screengrabs.
  • There's a fun article about Jamie, including useful info on where to buy the videos, at 80s Nostalgia.


Scripts and narration: Brian Trueman
Music: Joe Griffiths
Design/animation: Graham Garside,
Jean Flynn, Jane Johnstone, April Spencer, Bernard Dicken

Rostrum Camera: Frank Hardie
Film Editor: Dave Street
Animation Director: Keith Scoble
Post Production Director: Chris Taylor
Producers: Brian Cosgrove, Mark Hall

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