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Fenella the Wicked Kettle Witch can't stand to see people having fun, so she uses an evil sadness spell to turn Wheelie World into a gloomy place. But one day, a mysterious egg appears, and out pops a Happiness Dragon named Chorlton. Fenella's spell is broken, and Wheelie World will never be the same again!

Winter in Wheelie World

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Ah, Chorlton, Chorlton – the mere mention of his name causes drunken students to break into song. Like Jamie and the Magic Torch, Chorlton and the Wheelies is primarily remembered for its awesome theme tune; that, and Chorlton's broad Mancunian exclamationEcky thump! of "'Ello, little old lady!". Like most Cosgrove Hall output in the 70s and 80s, the plots were either non-existant or nonsensical, but every episode was a delight to watch nontheless. A basic story would go like this; Fenella tries to do something bad, but Chorlton, in his cheerful and blundering way, makes everything alright. Simple yet effective! There were also many surreal aspects to the show, including pop-up toadstools, a roaming blob, and a Latin American Dancing Duck. Look, I'm not making this up...

Did you know?
According to early concept art, this show was originally called "Happy and the Wheelheads".


  • You must pay a visit to the Original Chorlton and the Wheelies Shrine for all sorts of neat stuff, including wallpaper and video clips!
  • Jedi's Paradise has a lively introduction to the show, and some great screengrabs (thanks to Jedi for the Chorlton and Fenella pics!).
  • Credits

    Narrated by: Joe Lynch
    Written by: Brian Trueman
    Animators: Joe Dembinski, Jackie Cockle Music: Joe Griffiths

    Director: Chris Taylor
    Producers: Mark Hall and Brian Cosgrove
    Executive Producer: John Hambley

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